Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July

I'm not going to lie, I'm not feeling especially happy about this holiday. Exactly 1 year ago, Chad and I spent it together. It is by far one of my favorite memories with Chad. We went to a military event on the beach. It was hot that day...but still cloudy. I will never forget watching Chad dance in front of the stage. I laughed so hard! We danced like we didn't have a care in the world. People were laughing, but I was still so proud to point and say, "Yes, that is my husband." haha. He had so much fun that day. We spent it with good friends. Friends that are no longer "good" anymore. Isn't it crazy where 1 year can take you? It's a bittersweet memory. It makes me smile and cry at the same time. It was our last together before he left for 4 weeks on training at Mojave Viper. Last 4th of July, we definitely went out with a bang. Here's my entry from exactly 1 year ago.

July 4th 2010

July 4th!!Since Chad was deployed for the last 4th, this was our first one spent together. It couldn't have been better and will definitely be one of my favorite memories. We didn't really have a plan to do anything until last minute. One of the beaches on base had a big "Beach Bash." There were thousands of people...THOUSANDS! They had live music, food, games, and fireworks. It was mostly just a bunch of drunk Marines, but it was still fun. We camped out our little spot on the beach in perfect view of the fireworks. A lot of our friends showed up. But Ashley and Zach were the only ones that stuck around with us until after the fireworks. Chad was cracking me up! I have never seen him dance like he did! We would walk up to the stage and dance like nobody was watching! We even got free Redbulls out of it! lol I love seeing him have a good time, he deserves it. Makes me smile. :) After the fireworks Chad, me , Ashley, and Zach had our own little dance party on the beach. Later Chad took me down to the water and told me how much he loved me and is going to miss me. He keeps apologizing about how he keeps leaving me, but I just remind him that I'd wait forever for him. And that's the truth. This lifestyle is hard, but just like I always say, I'd do anything for Chad. Anything.


  1. Hugs, Katie!

    Cherish those wonderful memories!!! You've lived the fairytale that most only dream about! You can still hold unto them, while building a new life and creating new memories for yourself.

    BE the firework that everyone else admires!!!!

  2. Thinking of you Katie and extending a BIG thank you (though I know it's not enough) for all of the sacrifices, small and large, that you and Chad had to endure (& you're still enduring). I fly my flag in honor of you and Chad today.

  3. What a difference a year makes. As Neal and I celebrated 4th of July last year, I kept thinking to myself "I know he's leaving in 4 months. I hope this is not our last together." And I'm glad that we don't know the future. I'm glad that you could have last 4th of July together and not know what the future held. Sometimes I wish that I had been following your blog before March. Before December. Because I adore you as a person, not as Chad's widow. I think you are so full of life and it would be impossible to not have fun with you. Well, I'm on board now so I look forward to following your adventures and seeing where life takes you from here. But I also enjoy reading your pre-deployment posts.

    Also...all I could think about when I read the post after this one was "Why You Gotta Be So Mean." Sing it loud and proud and know that're gonna be living in a big ole city and all they're gonna be is mean.