Monday, June 28, 2010

Just A Quick Thought

I may only be 19 and married and automatically put under the young military wife stereotype(which I cant stand!),but from most of what I have seen ,I'm doing a better job that most of these girls. In no way am I trying to toot my own horn, I just don't understand why some of these wives act the way they do.They are not all this way, but the good majority. I support by husband and put him first in my life. My house is always clean, I make dinner EVERY night and 90% of my meals are completely home made. I've made our house into a home and I'm pretty dang proud of it. I don't go out partying every night my husband is gone. Heck, I don't even drink when he is here. I'm not sneaking around behind his back with other guys. I act and dress appropriately in public and ESPECIALLY at Military functions. I keep my mouth shut around his NCO's. I try my best not to complain about the things I can not control. My husbands rank and career doesn't make me who I am. I haven't "let myself go" just because we are married. I may not work or go to school right now, but in no means does that make me lazy and worthless. I do EVERYTHING around the house including bills. So before you go judging me and my life, take a look in the mirror. Could you do everything I do when your husband is in the Marines, while keeping a smile on your face? I highly doubt it. I moved myself out here to have no one except my husband. And when he isn't here, I don't have family to take care of me. I may not have left high school going straight into college, but I think what I have been doing, is just as hard, if not harder. You may not be proud of me, but I am very proud of myself and the women I have grown into.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My Blessing

Dear Chad,

I have love you more and more everyday. To this day I still can't figure out what I did to deserve such an amazing man, but more than anything, I am so grateful to have you as my husband. Ever since we have started this journey together I have known, with all of my heart, that you are the person I am suppose to spend the rest of my life with. When you really know. I have never trusted nor loved anyone in my life as much as I love you. You swept me off my feet at when I needed it the most. I was at my lowest when you came into my life. You showed me how to be happy, genuinely happy. Not only do I love every single little thing about you, from your smile, your laugh, your goofiness, your big heart, and your bravery, but I love the way you love me. I know that you do everything you can to keep me happy and safe. I have never had that in my entire life. I know I will always have your support in everything I do. You love me unconditionally, and I see it in your eyes. You love me when I'm sick, messy, happy, grumpy, goofy, and even the days I'm just not myself. Even after 19 hour days of work, you still come home and treat me like a princess. I never thought in a million years I would have the honor to marry a man like you. Honestly, I didn't even know people like you even existed. Thank you for being who you are. Thank you for loving me and never letting me give up. Even after all the military has put us through, I wouldn't trade it in for the world. I'd do anything for you Chad. Absolutely anything. I never want to let you down and I will spend the rest of my life ensuring you are just as happy as you make me. I love you. Forever and always.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


It's been a fun day! Went to the pool for a little bit. I'm trying to get a little more color before are family pictures on the 27th. Which I am getting sooo excited for! The lady that is doing them went and visited the dog beach we will taking the pictures at, and it's gorgeous! :) After that come home and cleaned up a little to run some errands with Emily.

I left the sliding door open all day so Remi could go run around outside if he wanted too. He actually spent most of the day out there. Every so often I would go check up on him and he was usually just sniffing around. I noticed we did have some holes from some kind of critter but didn't really think anything of it. Anyways, right before leaving I went to go fetch Remi to bring him in and I saw him distracted by something. I walked over to see what it was and it was a little ground squirrel or something like that. It was hilarious! Remi kept pawing at him the little guy would get on his little hind legs and hiss at Remi. I couldn't believe it! I didn't mind Remi messing with him until he started biting at it and picking it up with his mouth. I didn't Remi to kill it and end up getting some kind of disease or something. Plus the little critter was too cute to kill. :) Here's the video I got of them in action! Warning: I'm like freaking out in the video I was so excited. haha


After that I headed over to Emily's to go with her to get her hair colored. It came out so pretty I love it! I'm definitely going to start going to that salon. Her stylist did a really awesome job! Then we ran over to Walmart for a few things and then grabbed a quick bit to eat.

Chad comes home tomorrow! Hopefully he will be off earlier in the day so we can enjoy our 9 month anniversary together! :)

I took this picture today to show off my new short hair. I got it cut this way several weeks ago I just haven't posted a picture of it anywhere. I love my hair short and love braiding up my bangs lately. An easy alternative to just my everyday bangs and helps when they aren't doing what I want them too.


I took this picture one of the first days in the new apartment. :)

The rest of these I took last night while he was sleeping on me. He's actually sleeping the exact same way right now!

Just woke up. lol Look at those ears!

Sporting his new collar and doggie tag :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Man/Womans bestfriend!

I have really grown to love dogs....ALL dogs.

Saying that, something that has really bothered me since moving to California is all of the Pit bulls that are left homeless. When you first hear the name Pit bull, your first thoughts are probably negative. Pit bulls are VERY popular in California and I have really grown to love them. I hate that they are stereotyped into being an "aggressive" breed. When in reality, ANY dog can be raised to be aggressive. It's sad that the majority of the population views Pits solely on the negative media about them. I believe that without a doubt, if I raised Remi with no affection, no socialization, hardly any food, and hadn't had taken care of him medically, he too would be aggressive. I know I would! It's the same raising a child. Treat them poorly and only surround them in a bad enviorment, and they aren't going to be the nicest people in the world. Pit bulls are very strong dogs physically and this is the main reason they have been used to fight. Raise this breed right, and I honestly think they are like any other dog.

You're second thought might be, "this dog can 'turn' on its owner." Any animal can really. It hurts my heart that animal shelters are filled with Pits because they are banned from apartment buildings and several other housing facilities. Some of the sweetest and quietest dogs in the shelter are Pit bulls. I'm not saying they are all this way, but either are all the other dogs in the shelter.

For example, Chad and I like to take Remi to the local dog park, which happens to be owned by the animal shelter that's within walking distance. He and I visit the dogs in the shelter every time we go. Even when Remi and I go without Chad, I go to see the pups every time. Anyways, there is a Pit bull there named Layla. (Yes, we know her by name) :) She is the sweetest thing I have ever seen.(Well besides my Remmers of course!) She is so quiet and laid back. Layla is our favorite to visit. She loves attention and is so affection when we see her. I assure you that if we were allowed to have Pit bulls in our new apartment, we would take her home in a heartbeat. It breaks my heart she might not ever get the home she deserves. I go to the shelter and it's bittersweet, because I love animals and being around them, I just hate that they aren't all in a loving home.

I know Chad is really set on getting a Klee Kai...if you haven't heard. haha. But I really, really want our next dog to be from an animal shelter. And I honestly think that if we didn't buy Remi, he would've ended up in a shelter.

So check out your local animal shelter and adopt a pet. They all deserve a loving and healthy home!

Here's sweet Layla's pictures and info as a good example!
(these pictures and info are from the shelters website)

Why I'd make a great companion: Friendly, affectionate and social, I'm an easy dog to love! I have a youthful spirit and enjoy playing. I'm also content to relax by your side and just be loved. I love hanging out and socializing with my canine pals and I am very appropriate and respectful.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Life Lately.

Happiness is like a butterfly;
the more you chase it,

the more it will elude you.
But turn your attention to other things,
it will come and sit softly on your shoulder.

I've been sick off and on a lot and have been busy with Chad so I've been a terrible blogger. Went to the doctor Monday morning and was given antibiotics for Tonsillitis. Not. Fun. All the pressure from my swollen tonsils is making my ears pound with pain. Hopefully I will be feeling back to normal once Chad gets back Friday, which also happens to be our 9 month anniversary. Not too much longer and we will be celebrating our 1 year! Woohoo! It's been amazing and has gone by sooo fast. They say the first year is the hardest, which I've never really understood why anyways because you are in the "honeymoon" stage most of that time. Our first year though, couldn't have been better and I mean that with every part of my being. Chad and I are so lucky to have found what we have in each other. He is and will forever be my best friend and amazing husband. I am so blessed. :)

I am so happy where I am in my life. I have an amazing husband, precious Remi, and amazing friends and family. I have a new home where we are so much happier in and I live in California, right next to the beach! I wish I could enjoy my life with my husband more, but I just keep reminding myself this will be the last time we will have to do any of this. In some ways though, our situation is a blessing. I have learned not to take our time together for granted and always try to see the best in things. When Chad is gone for weeks or months at a time I learn to love him more and more. And when he does come home, that's when we are the happiest. We just enjoy each other. It reminds us of why we love each other for all the little things we sometimes forget. I also have grown a lot since moving here and being on my own most of the time I have lived here. That's really the reason why I want to stay out here while Chad is deployed. I want to do it on my own, because when I do, I will be so strong and will have grown so much. It's going to be hard, really hard, but I want to do it and I want to be proud of myself for doing it on my own. I plan on going to school once he leaves, but if that doesn't work out I will be getting a job to help keep me busy. Our relationship is as strong as it is because of all we've have gone through together. As hard as it is, it's worth it. I'd do anything for Chad. Absolutely anything. :)

I love the road I chose and wouldn't change it for the world. Life takes you through some crazy routes, but it shapes you into who you are and who you will be forever. I am happy with the person I have become. I'm finally living my life to make ME happy. For the first time in my life I know what it feels like to have pure and genuine happiness.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Pet Peeves

Everyone has there own little pet peeves, things that people do that just irk you in every way possible. I woke up today randomly thinking about my pet peeves...NOT a good way to wake up in the please stop peeving me people!

#1 STOP...I repeat STOP taking the same pictures of yourself and posting them on every website you have. You know, the famous "myspace mirror picture." Im so tired of getting on to my facebook, myspace, ect and seeing the SAME people over and over again putting up TONS of pictures of themselves...and most of the time they are doing the same pose and facial expressions just in different clothes! This bothers me sooooo bad I recently deleted all those who do it. I get think you're smokin...but in reality, you reek of narcissism.

#2 If I stop talking to you to the point when Im pretty much ignoring you....TAKE A HINT! I obviously don't want to speak to you. Leave me alone.

#3 People who smack their food. AHHHHHHH! This is one of the worst! If it looks like a pig and sounds like a pig...Im going treat you like a pig. Close your mouth!

#4 People who talk so LOUD on their cell phones that everyone in the store/ restaurant can hear you. Why must you talk so loud on the phone??? Your mouth is practically connected to the other persons ear on the other line. What happened to inside voices?

#5 Cocky guys. Why is it that men feel that it's necessary to whistle at women and look at us like you are undressing us with your eyes? I feel disgusted and wish I could literally punch you in the face.