Sunday, August 1, 2010


Marriage in California seems like such a terrible thing to those who arent married. Carly and I went out tonight and evertime I told someone I was married, they had something negative to say. " You're so young, it's not going to work out, why did you get married, why did you marry a Marine, and yada.. ANNOYING. First of all, why do people usually get married? Because they love eachother and when you know, you just know. Its not like I went scouting out to find a Marine. I never thought in a million years I would be living this lifestyle, but I wouldnt change it for the world. One guy even had the balls to promise me that we wont work out. His exact words," in a couple years you will get divorced and you will remember me telling you it wouldnt work out." Wow... people really think that just because I am married to a Marine, it taints my marriage. I will never understand why people are so bitter. I love my husband and only he and I know the love we share for eachother. I could care less about trying to prove people wrong, I just wish I could avoid rude comments. Makes me want to never leave the house, because Im constantly being judged for being married. It just hurts my hear, but at the same time, Im going to be judged the rest of my life. Im the happiest I have ever been and I think marriage is one of the most precious things you can ever have. It's a shame others don't view it the same way.

I miss Chad so much. I can't wait for him to be home. Everyone leaves me alone while he's around. Its like the ring on my finger means nothing if hes not there in person. Exactly why I dont go out much. Im so thankful for what I have with Chad and the life we share. I found my soul mate.. Chads the perfect gentleman and always has been. One of the first things I loved about him. He's respectful and keeps me safe as much as he can. I am so lucky. I live my life to please Chad. I want to make him just as happy as he makes me.

Im exhausted and I think I might have broken one of my toes tonight. haha. We'll see how if feels/looks in the morning. I cant wait to hear Chads voice. I wish he was here tonight. This bed and house gets so lonely without him.

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  1. You go girl! Of all things people should know that Marines are loyal to the end! It helps that Chad is the kind of man he is, but add the Marine Corps to that and you have one terrific husband. I'm glad you two are married and I have no doubt you will grow old together. Of course, I will stay exactly the way I am today (not aging at all) Ha! I love you both so much and you just keep responding to these idiots like you are. You have every right in the world to be PROUD you are married and even more proud that you married a Marine! I love you baby girl and you better not have broken your toe. :)